Varicose Veins and homeopathic treatment

Case of a middle aged woman with painful varicose veins.

10 years ago the varicose veins started after a stressful event in her life.

Major symptoms of the patient:

The patient presented with engorged veins, veins were showing off

Pain; there was burning pain sensation , activity and exercise increases the pain, cold weather makes it better, warm weather makes it worse.

Swelling veins but no pain

Sore and bruised veins

Bluish / Purple discoloration

Tired if had to walk

Headache almost every 3 days, left side , pain sensation is like something is hitting my head


worse heat and sunshine, worse during pregnancy, worse standing for 5 minutes

better open air, better cold air , better elevated legs

Treatment , 2 weeks of one pellet every other day of the constitutional prescribed remedy homeopathic remedy in 30c potency.

The patient has reported improvements in all physical symptoms. No further treatment required for the varicose vein condition.

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