Homeopathy and Performance Anxiety

Stress is a general term, and anxiety is a clinical picture. When we unable to handle stress it becomes anxiety and stays with us. A continuous anxious behavior will create a pathology in a form of chronic knot at the weakest point in our body. It is a well known fact that anxiety could lead to cancer.

Homeopathy could offer a lot when it comes to anxiety.

Let Homeopathy re-balance you to a more resilient state, where your perception of stress is no longer there and you could go through any situation with ease.

A case of 19 years old Student.

The girl is a university student and she always stresses out about her exams. She is a high achiever and is doing very well in her study.

Chief complaint: performance anxiety

Her major symptoms are;

  • Very anxious about her performance

  • Sleeplessness from thinking about the exam and how she will do, does she need to study more, does she studied enough.

  • Diarrhea; she needs to visit the washroom quite often during the day especially when she has an exam

  • All her anxiety is manifested in her stomach, she can't eat anything all through the day. She also feels nauseated. There is pain in her stomach once she thinks about her exam. The pain is pressuring her abdomen and she can't move.

  • When the patient meet friends, the anxiety also present. Same symptoms are there. the patient is always worried of how the friends will react to what she does or say.

  • The patient is very chilly needs to wear heavy clothes in summer and needs to cover with thick blankets.

The first prescription was Arg.-n 30 c daily for 14 days.

Follow up: All my physical symptoms are better:

I am not cold anymore, and don't need to wear so many clothes

I have no pain in my stomach , no nausea, no diarrhea during the day

I eat more during the day and having better appetite

I sleep all through the night, I am no longer worried and just fall asleep immediately after I put my head on the pillow

I have exams now and I am still a little worried but not the same, I study and I think I will pass, but I still not at ease about it. I still think I could do better and feel some anxiety before the exam

I am very comfortable with my friends, I don't think a lot how would they react to what I do .

I feel calmer and happier

Prescription : Arg-n 1m, water dose.

I had my finals and I thought it will be a very hard period for me but I feel great . I know I could perform well and I am a high achiever anyway. I had no anxiety and I just finished my school.

Thank you for your help.

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