Autism and Homeopathic bowel nosodes

In my clinic, I see many Autistic cases monthly. In cases were parents comes to me with

children who exhibits mild Autism, I more often start treatment with bowel nosodes.

In a recent research paper published in BioMed central concluded that new evidence emerged pointing at the altered gut bacteria in ASD individuals as a contributing factor in the disorder.

The result of the study stated that: " A fraction of 90% of the autistic subjects were classified as severe ASDs. We found a significant increase in the Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes ratio in autistic subjects due to a reduction of the Bacteroidetes relative abundance. At the genus level, we observed a decrease in the relative abundance of Alistipes, Bilophila, Dialister, Parabacteroides, and Veillonella in the ASD cohort, while Collinsella, Corynebacterium, Dorea, and Lactobacillus were significantly increased. Constipation has been then associated with different bacterial patterns in autistic and neurotypical subjects, with constipated autistic individuals characterized by high levels of bacterial taxa belonging to Escherichia/Shigella and Clostridium cluster XVIII. We also observed that the relative abundance of the fungal genus Candida was more than double in the autistic than neurotypical subjects." Here .


The patient is 5 years old, named Maher. Light hair , lax skin and muscle, slim , and looks undernourished. When I talked to him, he started to scream and turned into his mother to carry him and to calm him down.

The boy had a severe anxiety with a very high pitch shrieking voice when approached or didn’t get what he wants. The boy played with toys then came to his father to sit and made some striking on the table with a pen, then got down again.

Chief complaint: Autism /ADHD

  • Anxiety-when touched, or approached by a stranger

  • Distress with change and family travelling

  • Poor communication –not answering questions. Doesn’t initiate conversations.

  • No eye contact and social interaction with children

  • Constantly moving/hyperactive from the time he wakes up to the time he sleeps. Keeps wondering around doing nothing.

  • Tantrum with throwing things when not given what he wants, shrieking , very softly hitting his checks while looking at parents, aware not to break glass when throwing things.

  • Fear of loud noise. in commercial on TV or a certain images in a song. He became pale, scream and shake.

  • Fear of downward and upward motion.Shrieking and screaming if touched, approached or wants something-closes his ears when shriek

  • Echolalia- meaningless repetition of words and phrases, he repeats what his parents say when they are talking to him

  • Stubborn, keeps trying to get what he wants

  • Constipation- every 3 days -mechanically remove stool

  • Poor concentration and focus

  • Can’t dress up himself, cries when not able to brush his teeth

  • Doesn’t response to parents requests

I started the treatment with (cuprum-m) that took away the anxiety, echolaila, and poor concentration. His constipation improved and he started to go to the washroom daily. In his second visit Maher was calm and sat during the interview drawing and playing around. He also had a better eye contact. There were no more tantrums or shrieking episodes. Maher has improvement in reading and writing . He started to read. And had beautiful improvements in his study. Maher had been spending time away from his Autism class and placed regularly for center time into a normal class. Where he enjoyed his stay and had a wonderful time singing and dancing.

In his next visits Maher was given "carcinosin" to compact his anger and shynessen, it is also a good remedy to clear a genetic predisposition or gene mutation. Which had improved so much. During carcinosin Maher had one anger episode at school that didn't repeat after that.

Throughout the course of treatment Maher has improved tremendously. The only two things that were still on the list is picky eating and hyperactivity. This is when I looked into his gut issues. Maher's diet is pretty much juices and carbohydrates. So I looked into bowel nosodes and I used Gaertner . After a while of using it the mother reported that his hyperactivity has improved a lot. He is calmer and trying new vegetables.

This is when bowel nosode can come to play nicely. Either to open a case or to complete it. Especially when the constitutional remedy is not so clear.

The parents are waiting for professional assessment for Maher to move him out of Autistic school into a normal one.

Will post the assessment once done.


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