Infantile Eczema, gut connection and Homeopathy

I frequently see patients in my clinic, particularly children, who are suffering from eczema and other skin issues, and they have tried everything their doctor has to offer and still nothing seems to permanently heal the eczema. The reason you cannot fully reverse eczema and other skin issues this way is because conventional medicine is only trying to superficially suppress the outside symptom with medications. In order to completely reverse your symptoms, you must dig deeper and address the underlying cause or causes!

What is Eczema?

Eczema comes in many forms, but it is mainly recognized by its red, itchy rash, known as atopic dermatitis. According to conventional medicine, the cause of eczema is unknown. Homeopathy views eczema not as a “disease” in and of itself, but rather, as an external symptom of an internal problem. While conventional medicine treats only the symptoms, Homeopathy works toward addressing the underlying cause of eczema – a malfunctioning immune system.

Gut Connection?

As you’ve seen by now, what’s going on in your gut has a huge effect on your immune system. In fact 80% of your immune system is housed in your gut. That’s why one of the major causes of autoimmune diseases, including eczema, is a poorly functioning intestinal tract.

A healthy GI tract serves as a barrier that prevents undigested food particles, microbes, toxins, and other undesirable substances from entering the body through the bloodstream. When the cells lining the intestinal wall become damaged, substances are able to “leak” into the body, where they are attacked by the immune system, which leads to inflammation. The inflammatory response triggered by an overactive immune system can be seen anywhere in the body. In the case of eczema, it is the skin that is affected.

Bowel Nosodes in Homeopathy.

The bowel nosodes are prepared from the pure cultures of bacteria. This is not like other nosodes where tissues and germs together are potentized. The culture that is used to make a bowel nosode is from the collection bacterial samples from thousands of patients who have similar symptoms.

The common character of these nosodes is that they do not ferment the lactose. They distinguish themselves according to their effects on fermentation on other sugars. Under the action of the bowel nosode the non-lactose fermenting bacilli begins to mutate into other less harmful group of bacteria and finally disappear from system.

Dr. Edward Bach (who also created Bach Flower remedies) and Dr. Charles Wheeler were the pioneers of the bowel nosodes. They projected that most of the chronic disease have a strong relationship with a group of certain non-lactose fermenting bacteria.

  • Any change in the host which affects the intestinal mucosa will upset the balance and will be followed by a change in the habit and the bio-chemistry of the B. Coli, which may then become pathogenic.

  • Using bowel nosodes, the intestinal balance is restored and health is improved after a large percentage of non-lactose fermenting bacilli that are associated with the pathogenic group, such as typhoid and paratyphoid, are expelled from the intestines, after the action of the bowel nosode

  • Dr. Bach has proved this clinically in many cases that after giving bowel nosode there is change in cultures of the patients intestinal flora from non-lactose to lactose fermenting bacteria.

  • He also found that non-lactose fermenting bacteria were present in healthy individual who were never sick. The reason was that these people’s constitution is strong and they can withstand such bacteria without developing a disease.

  • Since there are many strains of bacteria and not just one, various organs of the body are affected like lungs, joints, stomach, etc.

I l would like to demonstrate two cases in my practice for children with eczema that has been cleared by using only bowel nosodes;

Case #1

A 6 years old girl, came to me with dry skin and eczema on her hands. The eczema was dry and itchy. The flare up was worse from food containing gluten, and washing hands. The girl was a little shy and had fear of robbers and bad guys. She was bright and sociable. She had some sibling jealousy but not severe.

After I run the case I have chosen an indicated bowel nosode. One dose of indicated bowel nosode 30c for a week has cleared the eczema in her hands within . The parents never complaint again about a skin issue and the child has been eating gluten again. The girl also less shy and more proactive.


A 3 years old boy came to me with dry eczema on his face, around his mouth and cheek area. The boy also had fish allergy. Every time he ate salmon he got a rush all over his billy. The eczema was mostly around his upper lip and lower lip. The eczema was worse with milk and gluten. And any chemicals like wet tissue used on his face. The boy is a sweat heart. No mental symptoms stood up in his analysis.

After I run the analysis I have chosen a bowel nosode that was given to him once a week for 2 weeks in 30c potency. After 3 weeks of treatment the eczema and allergies were cleared.

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