Why you need Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) Therapy

It is the flow of electrons through a chemical medium, such as the human body, that creates and sustains animated life. The instruction for the clean line of electron transport through the cells comes from the natural pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) our earth produces.

The pulsed EMF is as essential as sunshine, oxygen, water, and food. Our bodies simply convert this field of energy into another form of energy. Without it, the cells lose energy or voltage, resulting in loss of quality of life, disease, metabolic disorders including weight gain, discomfort and extremely early mortality rates.

These electromagnetic fields are so important to life itself, and to the wellbeing of organisms that depend on it, that NASA equips their spacecraft with PEMF generators. It was a lesson learned the hard way, as many of the original astronauts came back to earth very sick, in wasting mode and with a significantly decreased expected life span.

The earth continuously emits pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF). The Schuman and the Geomagnetic Frequencies are the earth’s natural EMF output range of 0-30Hz. The Schuman frequencies come from above, and the Geomagnetic Frequencies from below.

Our bodies have biological antennas that tune into the subtle intensity frequencies they were designed for. It is as if the cell considers the natural earth’s ranges of frequency and intensity as energetic “food”.

Our bodies’ cells respond best to frequencies from 0 to 30Hz – the earth’s natural EMF output range. The brain also runs from 0-30Hz; Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta. In fact, the brain’s alpha waves, which are the very relaxed yet conscious brain states, are identical to the Shuman frequency.

Due to industrial, chemical, electronic, agricultural and other forms of pollution over the last 200 years, the earth’s EMFs have been reduced. Simultaneously modern lifestyles reduce our ability to deeply absorb the EMFs into our cells. This means that the life sustaining magnetic influence required by each and every one of your cells cannot penetrate the body as deeply as required, leaving you vulnerable to disease and metabolic disorders.

These earth’s natural EMF output range of frequencies from 0 to 30Hz, supplemented by a PEMF generator, will literally tune up your bioenergetics by creating a harmonic resonance within the cells.  The cells receive these frequencies which unlocks the innate, natural ability and “wisdom of the cells”.

Cells are literally miniature batteries. When cellular voltage drops below 60 – 65, the onset of disease manifests, usually first a metabolic disorder. As voltage continues to drop, the metabolic disorder will progress to disease.

The heart’s cells output approximately 120mv, which is why heart cancer does not exist. All other healthy cells will emit about 70mv. PEMF therapy will raise the voltage of each cell, essentially recharging your cells.


Recharges Your Cells

  • Recharges Transmembrane Potential (TMP)

  • Increases ATP Production in the Mitochondria

  • Enhances The Sodium Potassium Pump

  • Increases Cellular pH

  • Alkalizes

  • Improves Oxygenation of the Cells

  • Lowers Blood Viscosity & Improves Circulation

  • Creates a Healthy Level of Electroporation

Pulsed electromagnetic field and Ion cyclotron therapy

As seen on Dr OZ show PEMF.

PEMF is a natural non-invasive therapy that restores balance to your body from the inside out. PEMF is clinically proven to be effective for joint pain, osteoarthritis, depression, anxiety and more! The Ion cyclotron resonance, a unique way of making the cell more permeable. And that happens at the right frequency and intensity state. The PEMF therapy works same way. Various frequencies are played into the magnetic coils inside the mat, which then generates electromagnetic field. The person lies on the mat and this magnetic/electric field vibrates the wall of every cell in their body. The cell wall become permeable, the toxins leaves the bone cells and replaced by nutrients from your diet

The device is for the treatment of disorders and diseases of the muscular and skeletal system. It is an innovative electro-medical device for magneto-therapy that administers customized controlled pulsed or variable electromagnetic fields at extremely low intensities and frequencies. It uses extremely low frequencies and emits electromagnetic fields defined by a specialist, customized in relation to the individual and the disturbance to be treated. The devices are used in orthopaedics and rehabilitation, and as support elements in integrative medicine. The device generates pulsed low frequency electromagnetic fields capable of inducing extremely low intensity wave sequences which are generated on a professional machine and recorded on a customized user card.

The device is used to treat the following conditions among others: Cancer and side effects of traditional cancer treatments ex; prevents Chemotherapy induced Myelotoxicity, Autism, Bone disorders, Chronic diseases-MS, Sleep disorders, Inflammation, Autoimmune disorder, Accident rehabilitation, Musculoskeletal disorders, and Longevity and Anti-aging.

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SEQEX® device derived from the research of W.R. Adey, the scientist who discovered the possibility to stimulate biological ions using variable electromagnetic fields at extremely low intensities and frequencies. Discover the science of ion resonance.

The PEMF system was developed based on research conducted in the mid-1970s by the scientist W.R. Adey, who discovered that it is possible to stimulate the biological ions in living organisms using extremely low frequency and low intensity electromagnetic fields.

Over the following years, Carl Blackman, a scientist at the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), discovered that these results were critically dependent on the direction of application of the electromagnetic fields.

In 1984 Prof. A.R. Liboff, interested at the time in the biological effects of cosmic radiation, hypothesized that the discoveries of Adey and Blackman could easily be explained by assuming that the terrestrial magnetic field, or geomagnetic field (GMF), interacted with the applied variable fields, producing a phenomenon known as ion cyclotron resonance (ICR) directly inside tissues.

The phenomenon of ICR is well known to physics: it requires the simultaneous application of two parallel magnetic fields, one static and one variable through time.

Assuming that the effects observed in the laboratory by Adey and Blackburn were caused by ICR, Liboff demonstrated that, on the basis of the frequencies used and the values of the GMF, the range of intensity of the GMF on the Earth’s surface corresponded with ICR frequencies, so that very low physiologically significant frequencies were capable of affecting key biological ions, like for example calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

These discoveries were of revolutionary importance: the observations of Adey and Blackman had effectively revealed an intrinsic electromagnetic property in living beings.

Liboff further demonstrated that the previous successes with pulsed magnetic fields (PMF, also known as magnetotherapy) for treatment of bone diseases like arthrosis, osteoporosis, and delayed consolidation presented by Dr. C.A.L. Bassett in the 1970s were very probably specific cases of ICR. These known physical effects were therefore derived from the probability of the wide frequency band of the PFM signals also including ICR frequencies.

In order to verify these hypotheses Liboff, with the help of Prof. S.D. Smith, Prof. B.R. McLeod, Dr. J. Thomas, and the undergraduate K. A. Jenrow, undertook a long series of experiments that proved beyond all doubt that combinations of ICR from magnetic fields tuned to certain ions can have profound effects on living beings, be these cell cultures or complete organisms.

In 1987 the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) authorized the first medical application of ICR to treat delayed consolidation of bone fractures, and a few years later a second medical application was approved to assist spinal fusion (in cases of spina bifida). These treatments were administered locally in the area of the lesions or symptoms. To date these applications of ICR generate an annual worldwide business of around 85 million dollars.